Valentine Card Idea – Photo & Video Tutorial

valentine card idea, diy, stampin up, easy, homemade

Here’s a fun Valentine card idea for you that gives a wow factor but is easy to make.  We’ll call this one “Hearts in a Row”. The embossed background and foil accented papers give a special touch to a simple idea. Let’s get started with our step-by-step photo tutorial. At the end, there is a short 4.5 minute video included as well.

Credits: I did see an idea similar to this on Pinterest. However, when I clicked it, it did not click through to anything. So, I can’t give credit where credit is due. If that was you, give me a shout-out, and thanks for the idea!

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valentine card idea, diy, stampin up, easy, homemade


Step 1 – Cut Your Paper

valentine card idea - cuts of paper

First, you’re going to cut your pieces of paper to the length needed for the card.

  • 9 1/4″ x  6″ cardstock  – I chose “Pear Pizzazz”
  • 4.5″ x 5.5″ paper for the bacground layer – I chose the one with larger flowers and a purple background from “Sweet Soiree” Designer Series Paper
  • 4 1/8″ x 5 1/8″ whisper white cardstock (times two)
  • 2.5″ x 5″ Designer Series Paper (times two) – I chose other selections from “Sweet Soiree”

All items used in the demonstration will be linked at the end of the post.

Step 2 – Score and Fold Your Cardstock

valentine card idea - score cardstock

Next, score your cardstock (in this case the Pear Pizzazz) at 4 5/8″

valentine card idea- crease fold

Then, use your bone folder to crease your fold. You could opt to simply fold your paper in half without scoring and creasing but it makes a neater, cleaner fold when you do.

Step 3- Add One Piece of Whisper White Inside

valentine card idea - inside paper

Next you’ll dot the back of one of the pieces of whisper white with Tombow glue, and affix it to the inside of the card. This is where you write your message later. You can skip this step if you’d prefer to write on the green background, but I like to add a clean white background to write my message on.

You could always opt to dress it up more with washi tape making a frame around it or another embellishment inside. You could also stamp a sentiment there. I’ve chosen to leave it plain.

Step 4- Affix Your Background to the Front of the Card

valentine card idea - affix the background

Next, you’ll take that beautiful background paper and affix it to the front of the card. You might notice in the end result we don’t see much of this paper. You could opt to cut the middle of the paper out before you attach it to the card, this way you can save that paper for another project. Use die cuts or a paper trimmer to accomplish this.

You could even choose to cut some of your hearts from the middle of this paper to use on the outside. (Hey, not a bad idea for next time!)

Step 5- Emboss Your Second Piece of Whisper White

valentine card idea - big shot sandwich one

For the next step of our valentine card idea,  you’ll want to get your Big Shot “sandwich” ready for embossing. Since the “Scattered Sequins” embossing folder is very thick,  you only need to use the platform, one acrylic plate, and the folder, as shown above.

valentine card idea - embossed paper

On the bottom of your sandwich is the platform, then add your folder with the paper inside. You will notice in the video, I also used the spritzer to get the paper a little wet before embossing. Finally on the top of the sandwich is the acrylic plate. Run it forward and backward through your big shot and your embossed paper will come out as shown above.

Step 6 – Cut Your Four Hearts

valentine card idea - big shot sandwich two

Now you’ll get your second big shot sandwich pieces. This time you’ll need the platform, the thin die adapter, and both acrylic plates.

valentine card idea - heart big shotvalentine card idea - heart cut out

This time your sandwich will be the platform on the bottom, then your thin die adapter, then your first acrylic plate, next one piece of 2.5″ 5″  Designer Series Paper (DSP), then your heart thinlit, then the second acrylic plate. If you want your heart thinlit to stay put, you can use a post-it note.

Now that you’ve cut your first heart, do this again on the same piece of 2.5″ x 5″ DSP. You’ll use the opposite side on the front of your card. Next, take your other piece of 2.5″ x 5″ DSP, and cut two hearts out of it as well using the same method.

valentine card idea - heart dies

When you have all four hearts cut, you’ll see how great they look using both sides of the DSP.

Step 7 – Add Your Twine To The Embossed Piece

valentine card idea - twine

Sorry my big ole hand is in the way here. The next thing we’ll do for our valentine card idea is to add the twine to the back of the embossed piece as shown above. I attached it with glue dots. You cant see in the photo but I haven’t cut my twine away from the roll yet, I’m letting a “tail” hang off the top.

valentine card idea - attach twine to front

Then flip your piece of embossed paper over, and add two more glue dots in line with where the twine will lay (one at the top and one at the bottom). Once the twine is on, you can snip off the top (leaving tails on both) and tie a bow.

valentine card idea - attach twine

As you’ll see in the video, I used a glue dot to help secure and affix the bow too. My twine is coming apart, but I decided to leave it alone.

Step 8 – Attach Your Embossed Piece to the Front of Your Card

valentine card idea - front piece

Still using glue dots, the next step is to attach your embossed piece that you just tied the twine to, to the front of your card as shown above.

Step 9 – Finish Your Valentine Card Idea

valentine card idea - finished

Finally, figure out the order you’d like to use when attaching your hearts, and attach them where the middle of the heart goes right over the twine. Again, I used glue dots for this step. I arranged mine where there was a DSP with foil accents on the top and bottom, and the two middle pieces didn’t have foil. Also, I made the third heart overlap the last one (just for fun).

Our valentine card idea is complete! What do you think? I so often hear people say “I could never do that I’m not talented like you”. It doesn’t really take “talent” to do this. Its fun, easy, and helps you feel more creative.

YouTube Video:

Check out this quick 4.5 minute video tutorial that shows each step above as I’m doing them:


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Items shown in the video demonstration:

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