Toilet Roll Butterfly Gift Tags – Photo Tutorial

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Beautiful Butterfly Gift Tags

Give your gift box or bag an extra wow factor by adding this really cute and simple butterfly gift tag toilet roll craft. Now, I certainly can’t say I came up with the concept of making a butterfly from a toilet paper roll. I honestly don’t know who to credit for that.

I did, however, think of the idea of wrapping it with designer series paper and dipping the sides in the ink pad. The finished look came out great!

The thought came to me because a year or two ago my mom and I made Christmas ornaments with toilet paper rolls. We painted them first and burned our fingers using hot glue. I’m happy to tell you none of that is necessary.

The Tombow muti-liquid glue is strong enough to hold it all together, and Stampin Up designer series paper makes beautiful designs without having to get out your paint can.

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toilet roll craft, DIY, butterfly, tag

Toilet Roll Craft Directions

toilet roll craft

First, decide if you want your designer series paper on both the inside and outside, or just the outside. In the examples above of the toilet roll craft that I’ve made, you can see the pink and white one used paper on just the outside, where the green and white one used paper on both.

Note that I used the back of the designer series paper that I chose on the inside of my roll. It’s a great way to make sure your paper coordinates.

Next, cut your paper (either one or two pieces depending on what you’ve chosen) to 5 3/8 x 4 1/16. If you’ve chosen to do the inside as well as the outside, it is easier to place your inside paper first.

The next thing you’ll want to do is place two pieces of Tear & Tape on opposite sides of each other down the inside of your toilet paper roll.

toilet roll craft - add tape

Make sure the tape runs down the length of the roll. Then, take the top off of your tape exposing the sticky side.

To place the inside paper, curl it up a little smaller than the roll. Insert it into the roll and then release it and press to the edges. There will be overlapping.

toilet roll craft inside paper

Now that you have that ready you’ll do the same for the outside. Place your chosen paper to the edge of your sticky tape (leaving part of it exposed).

toilet roll craft

Wrap your paper around the roll, laying the last piece of your paper over that exposed sticky side. Now you have both sides covered.

toilet roll craft covered with paper

Note: if for some reason you didn’t cut perfectly and the paper does not reach around, don’t sweat it. We can cover that up in the next steps.

Cut Your Pieces

It is helpful to have a large pair of scissors for this step. The smaller crafting scissors will work, but larger ones are a little easier.

Okay, you have another decision to make. Do you want your butterfly toilet roll craft to be thick or thin? If you look in the example pictures I have provided above (with the pink and green ones), you can see the pink one is a little thicker and the green one a little thinner. It’s totally up to you.

If you would like your pieces to be the exact same size, you might want to measure and mark them. I just eyeball it and try to make the pieces all the same size. Even when they have slight differences, it’s not that noticeable in the finished product.

You will press your toilet roll together (not all the way, just enough to get the scissors around it) and cut five pieces as close to the same size as possible. You will have more of the roll left over for another craft or to make two.

toilet roll craft cut

Once your pieces are cut, you might start to notice the paper pulling away from the toilet roll on the portions where there is no tape. This mostly happens on the inside. That leads us to our next step.

Secure Your Paper & Dip It

The next step is to secure all the paper to your newly cut pieces. You could of course do all your gluing before you cut, I just find this a little less messy.

Take your multi-liquid glue and use tiny dots all the way around your newly cut pieces to secure the paper to the toilet roll all the way around.

toilet roll craft glue the paper

The mutli-liquid glue is strong and dries fast. It also spreads easily. If you put too much, you’ll have glue squirting out of all your edges. Once you get used to it, it will be your favorite crafting glue.

As I mentioned above, this is mostly needed on the inside, but check the outside to make sure it has all stuck to the roll. For the inside, make sure you glue the paper to itself where it overlapped as well.

Once your pieces are dry, dip each side into your chosen ink pad and press lightly. Both sides will be colored in the ink, and the color will come a little up on the paper as well.

toilet roll craft - ink the wings


Create Your Butterfly

To make your butterfly for this toilet roll craft, first take one piece that you’ve just cut and secured. Glue it together right in the middle leaving the top and bottom open. This will be the “body” of your butterfly.

toilet roll craft butterfly body

Next you will take two other pieces and glue them together end to end. Take the final two pieces and do the same. This is where you can cover it up if your paper didn’t quite reach all the way around. Just glue those sides together. Also, with the body piece above, just make sure that part is in the middle where it will be covered up.

toilet roll craft wings

Once all your glue is dry add more glue to the outside of your newly made wings and press it to the body on each side. You might need to hold each side in place a minute or two before releasing. Your butterfly is made!

toilet roll craft complete butterfly

Now, let’s add your sentiment.


Adding a Label To Your Tag

Because I didn’t want the butterfly to be covered up too much, I made very small labels. This left little space for the sentiment or stamp. As you can see on the pink one, I added just a safety pin from the “better together” stamp set.

I completed this look with a white box and pink paper gift bow that would be perfect for a baby girl gift. By the way, I made the circles by using the circle framelits and the big shot.

Because products retire every year, by the time you find this post, these exact products may not be available; but, check out the fresh new items we have available now to find the perfect supplies for your gift tag.

For the green butterfly, I used the pansy punch and rolled the edges in my green ink as well. Then I stamped the word “thanks” from the retired “Tasty Trucks” stamp set.

For the photo tutorial example I’ve been using, I again used the pansy punch, rolled the edges in ink, and then I stamped an “L” to the front.  I secured my label to my butterfly by using the double sided Tear & Tape again.

toilet roll craft finished example

With this particular designer series paper, this example butterfly is a beautiful monochrome. The initial could be for the person you are giving the gift to, or your own almost like a branding tag. If you chose to put this tag on every gift you gave it would become recognizable among your friends.

Finish your Toilet Roll Craft

Your quick and easy toilet roll craft butterfly tag is finished! Now, all you need to do is use ribbon or twine to attach it to your gift bag or box. It makes that special gift even more special.

What did you think of this project? Did you have any issues? Do you have any suggestions?


Get your paper craft supplies to make your own unique butterfly gift tag at my Stampin Up demonstrator website.

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