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thank you messages for cards, thoughts, words, for friends, for family

Carefully worded thank you messages

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thank you messages for cards, thoughts, words, for friends, for family

People often find it difficult to put words to feelings. What do you say to show someone you care?  For thank you messages, it’s really much simpler than you may think.

On the whole, people just want to be appreciated. They don’t always need fancy words. However, there are times you do need or want to say something more meaningful.

For this reason, Stampin’ Up offers several stamp sets that exclusively feature thankful sayings from very simple to very touching.

All you need to do is stamp it on your card or gift tag. Let’s check them out:

Thankful Thoughts:

thank you messages stamp set thankful thoughts
© Stampin Up

First, we have the “Thankful Thoughts” set. This one has a little more wording to some of the sayings. This will be helpful if you would like to send an extra meaningful note.

Perhaps you’ve received something that a simple, “Hey, thanks!” doesn’t seem like enough to say. In fact, a woman I don’t even know in Germany saved my daughters life by donating bone marrow. Saved her life.

Of course, simple doesn’t quite cut it in this case does it? I’d choose the one that reads, “I’m overwhelmed by your generosity, your giving spirit, and your unending kindness”.

Check out the header image for projects made with this set. This set comes in comes in wood or clear mount stamps. There are ten stamps included as can be seen in the photo above.


“All Things Thanks” Stamp Set

thank you messages stamp set all things thanks
© Stampin Up

Next, let’s take a look at “All Things Thanks”. There are nine thank you messages in the collection as seen above. You’ll find wedding, baby, and birthday, as well as general thankful greetings.

This set is available in wood mount and clear mount stamps. Here’s a couple of examples of some projects made with this set:

thank you messages example cards
©Stampin Up
thank you messages project example
Credit: Laura Kant

“One Big Meaning” Stamp Set

thank you messages stamp set one big meaning
© Stampin Up

Next, let’s explore the “One Big Meaning” set as shown above. This collection comes with seven stamps. Additionally, they are general enough to use for any occasion. This set is available in wood mount or clear mount.

Below is an example of a beautiful card using this set:

thank you messages example card
© Stampin Up


Stamping Accessories

Don’t forget, clear mount stamps should be coupled with clear blocks. When you choose the stamp set (or sets) that you would like, notice on the web store page, you will see suggestions for which size blocks to purchase.

You will only need one of each size clear block to use with all of your clear mount sets. As a matter of fact, the stamps do not permanently adhere to the block. This being the case, you can use the block over and over with different clear mount stamps.

Check out our selection of ink and paper as well for your thank you cards and gifts.

Saying thank you won’t be difficult at all with the help of these stamps. What are your favorite thank you messages?

Get your stamp sets with special thank you messages at my Stampin Up demonstrator website. Type “thank you” in the search bar to see all the available options.

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