Thank You Card Ideas – Photo Tutorial

Thank you cards to make, DIY, Stampin Up, handmade

The Peek-Through Thank You

Need a couple of thank you card ideas? For this post, I’ll show you two themes for our DIY project I like to call “The Peek-Through Thank You”. You’ll see that you can make any theme you like, but I wanted to show you that you don’t have to have a stamp that says “thanks”.

You can use this format over and over, even for birthday or or other types of cards. The way you construct the card will be the same. The theme and papers you use will be up to you.

You can see in our header photo above that we have one kitty theme with the word “puurfect” on the front. As in, “that thing you did was perfect”. Then, you could write your message of thanks on the inside.

The other one you see is a coffee theme. The stamp on the front of it says “Thanks a Latte!” For this tutorial, I will be walking you through how to make the kitty card, but I will show you the inside of the coffee themed card as well.

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Thank you cards to make, DIY, Stampin Up, handmade

Cuts of Paper Needed:

Thank you card ideas - cuts of paper

To make this project, you’ll need to start by cutting your Designer Series Paper (DSP) and Cardstock in these pieces:

  • Base of your card: 8 x 5.5 inches
  • DSP for front of the card: 3 7/8 x 5 1/8 inches
  • Whisper White Cardstock for inside: 3 7/8 x 5 1/8 inches
  • Open Scalloped Circle Frame in coordinating cardstock color: (Use the largest scalloped circle framelit and next to largest flat circle framelit)
  • 2 strips coordinating cardstock  1/2 x 3 7/8 inches
  • 1 Strip of the coordinating cardstock 7/8  x 4 inches
  • 1 Strip of whisper white cardstock 6/8 x 4 inches
  • Die Cut that matches your theme – in this case the kitty

So as you can see from the photo above, I used “Fresh Fig” as my base card color. For my DSP, I used a piece from the “Naturally Eclectic” paper pack. Then, my coordinating cardstock color here was “Lemon Lime Twist”. (Linked below).

For my kitty die cut, I used the Fox Builder Punch, and the Foxy Friends Photopolymer Stamp Set. I made it out of “Peekaboo Peach” Cardstock and “Whisper White” Cardstock.

Cutting Your Open Circle Frame

Thank You Card Ideas Open Circle Frame

I cut my open circle frame with the Big Shot and the Layering Circle Framelits Dies. They don’t all have sizes listed, but I used the largest scalloped edge circle, and the next to largest flat edge circle.

First, I started to build my “sandwich” for the Big Shot. I put the platform on bottom, the Thin Die Adapter on top of it, then my first cutting plate. I placed my Lemon Lime Twist paper on top of the cutting plate, then arranged my circles the way I wanted them.

To keep my circles in place, I simply attached post it notes to each end. This way, I knew they would not slip or slide during cutting. Finally, I added my other cutting plate on top, and ran it through the big shot forward, then backward before removing the sandwich.

I put the middle circle in my scrap box for later use, and kept my open frame for this project.

Note: You don’t have to do circles. You could try the square or oval layering dies.

Step 1 – Score Your Card Base

thank you card ideas - diagram

The first step is to score your base cardstock in the middle (so at 4 inches). Don’t fold it just yet, but make sure it’s scored so you can get a visual while placing your DSP.

It’s very difficult to see score lines on photos, so I made you a diagram.

Step 2 – Add Your DSP

Thank you card ideas - add dsp

Attach your DSP to the front of your card. This is why you need it scored, you need to be able to see what the front will be once it’s folded. You’ll place it on the right half of your paper.

I used multi-purpose liquid glue to attach my DSP. I use it often, as it gives a great hold.

Step 3 – Attach Your Whisper White Cardstock

thank you card ideas inside whisper white

Next, turn your card over and attach your Whisper White Cardstock on the inside of your card. I used the multi-liquid glue again here. Again, you’ll place it on the right half of your paper.

Step 4 – Cut Your Window

thank you card ideas - cut window

Now we’re going to cut our window for the peek-through feature for our thank you card ideas. We’re going to set up our Big Shot sandwich exactly the way we did for cutting our open frame.

This time, you’ll place the largest flat circle from your circle dies set over the front of your card. *Remember we used the next to largest flat circle to cut the frame, now we’re using the largest flat circle.

Just as with the open frame, I held the framelit in place with post it notes. Then place the final cutting plate over the top and run it through the machine forward, then backward before removing the sandwich.

It will cut through both layers of paper underneath it, which is the DSP and the base cardstock. You can keep the circle it cuts out for a later project. If you didn’t put glue on that section, it will cut out two circles. Mine had glue on it, so it’s one circle with the two papers glued together.

Now our card looks like this:

thank you card ideas - window cut complete

Step 5 -Add Your Open Frame

thank you card ideas - add your frame

Next, we’re going to attach our open frame around the window we’ve just cut. I added tiny dots of glue close to the scalloped part of the back of my frame, so that they’d be sure to stick to the paper.

Of course, If you need a visual aid of where the glue is sticking, turn your paper over and look through the hole to see how it looks from that side. It will also help you position your frame as best you can around the circle.

Step 6 – Attach Your Inside Accent Pieces

thank you card ideas - inside accent

The next step for our thank you card ideas is to take your accent pieces that were cut 1/2 x 3 7/8 inches, and attach them to the inside of the card. These fit on top and bottom of your Whisper White paper inside.

If you make that photo bigger you’ll see where my glue isn’t dry on my circle. It did dry, so don’t be thrown off by that.

Step 7 – Make Your Banner

thank you card ideas - banner

For this step, you’re going to take your

  • 1 Strip of the coordinating cardstock 7/8  x 4 inches
  • 1 Strip of whisper white cardstock 6/8 x 4 inches

and attach the white on top of the coordinating cardstock.

Step 8 – Stamp Your Message

I did not have a stamp that conveyed the message I wanted to say on this banner. So, I used the Brushwork Alphabet Photopolymer Stamp Set to create my own message.

To go with the kitty theme, I stamped out “puurfect”. As you can see I accidentally got some ink where it didn’t belong and the “f” kinda runs off the page. That’s okay. The act of kindness I’m thanking my friend for is “puurfect”, but my card doesn’t have to be.

If this happens and you want to re-do it, you certainly can. Unless it’s a really big boo-boo I stopped going back to fix these things. It happens often and it’s too much time and effort to fix every one. The receiver always loves the cards, without inspecting them for perfection.

Step 9 – Fit Your Banner To The Card

thank you card ideas - fit the banner

Next, you will attach your banner to the front of the card. Again, I used the multi-liquid glue. Make sure you place it where it will look centered when you cut the edges off.

Step 10 – Snip Your Banner Edges

thank you card ideas - snip banner edges

Now, take your scissors and snip your banner along the straight edge of the front of your card. If it helps, turn the card over so you can see where the coordinating color meets the base of the card better.

Step 11- Fold Your Card and Add Your Die Cut

thank you card ideas - add your die cut

The last step to completing one of your thank you card ideas is to add the die cut. After you’ve folded your card, you can attach the die cut from the front. This way, you’ll make sure it fits in the window correctly.

Final Tip: Adding Your Written Message

thank you card ideas - written message
(Line is just to show the area you should write in.)

For each of your thank you card ideas, you’ll want to add a personalized written message. For this theme, we just stamped out “puurfect” on the front. So inside you could write your “thanks for that thing you did” message.

Just be sure to write it below the window. If you write above the window, it will show on the front. Don’t write any higher than the bottom part of your base color.

So for this card, we’d want to start writing on the white cardstock right across from where the bottom of our “Fresh Fig” color circle is.

Other Thank You Card Ideas

I wanted to show you the other card I made with this concept. I followed the same steps I used to make the kitty theme, except that I already had the stamp that says, “Thanks a Latte”.

thank you card ideas - latte example

For my die cut, I was able to use the tiny coffee cup framelit from the Coffee Cups Framelits Dies. The image was already on a piece of the Coffee Break Designer Series Paper.

As before, I held my framelit in place with post it notes, and easily cut out the small coffee cup. Then, I simply used it as my die cut.

thank you card ideas - latte signed

Here you can see where I signed it on the inside, making sure that my words would not appear within the window when closed.

What Did You Think?

What do you think about our thank you card ideas? Can you think of fun themes you would use?

Supplies Needed For Our Thank You Card Ideas:

To get your paper craft supplies to make your own thank you cards, shop at my Stampin Up demonstrator website.

Items Used for the Project:

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