Paper Pumpkin

stampin up paper pumpkin

What Is Stampin Up Paper Pumpkin ?

You know those subscription boxes that are so popular these days? Stampin Up Paper Pumpkin is a crafting subscription box. For just $19.95 per month you’ll receive a kit of paper projects pre-cut and ready for you to assemble.

As you know, sometimes it takes a long time to get your papers cut and your design in order before you can get to creating.  With this box, you get to create right from the start!

What’s Included In Each Box?

Like all subscription boxes, each month’s project is a surprise! However, you can be sure that you’ll receive:

  • A set of photopolymer stamps (What an awesome way to build up your stamp collection!)
  • Ink (A small ink pad in a color that coordinates with the month’s project)
  • Paper (Pre-cut designer series paper that coordinates with the month’s project)
  • Adhesives (You might get strips, dots, foam or whatever is needed to put the project together)
  • Embellishments (Finishing touches. Maybe it’s enamels, twine, or ribbon.)
  • Instructions on how to complete the project

You can also watch the Paper Pumpkin Youtube Channel for more tips on how to complete each month’s project.

One important thing to note is that you don’t have to complete the project they propose. Use the kit contents to come up with your own alternative, or look up alternatives online. Your money is never wasted.

What Kind of Projects Have Been Sent In The Past?

Stampin up Paper Pumpkin projects vary from month to month, but often include cards, boxes, and/or treat bags. Take a look at the projects that subscribers got to make in March 2017:

stampin up paper pumpkin march 2017
© Stampin Up

Adorable, right? This kit came with 9 bags and 9 cards. Can you imagine the looks on the faces of your coworkers if you came boppin’ in handing out treats bags like this? They’d think you spent hours creating them.

Here’s another sampling of previous kits that have been sent:

stampin up paper pumpkin past kits
© Stampin Up

Is it Worth It?

Consider that a set of photopolymer stamps can be up to $20 or more just by themselves. When you subscribe to Paper Pumpkin you’re getting an awesome bundle.

Take a look at the list of included products again. Some of them will last beyond your monthly project.

At certain times you could even receive special gifts and extras. (The April 2017 kit had a set of small watercolor pencils included.)

Added Benefits

When you sign up for your subscription to Stampin Up Paper Pumpkin, you will automatically be able to purchase past kits and refill kits. These are only available while supplies last.

As you shop for older kits, look up the names of the past kits on Pinterest or Google. You’ll see an array of alternatives that can help you decide which kits will be the most desirable.

Helpful Tools For Your Subscription

The stamps that come with each set are photopolymer. If you’re not familiar with these, think of those window clings people use to decorate at holiday times. They’re similar to that.

They’re completely clear so that you can see exactly where you’re placing your stamp image. To use photopolymer stamps, you need clear blocks. These do not come with your subscription kit.

It is possible to use them without clear blocks, but it’s going to be messy and inconvenient. Do yourself a favor, and order a size “D” clear block when you order your subscription. You can use the same “D” block with all of your clear and photopolymer stamps.

You can choose other sizes as well, but starting with a size “D” should cover the sizes of stamps that will arrive.

As you continue on, you can build up your clear block collection to include all sizes for more convenience. Again, you only need one of each size clear block for all of your clear and photopolymer stamps.

You’ll also notice that the stamps don’t have a case like they do when you order a stamp set by itself. You might find it convenient to eventually get some stamp cases to keep your sets in. Especially after you’ve used up all the other supplies in the kit.

Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You can also start it back up again any time after that. More questions? Contact me at any time.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and skip to the fun!