How To Make a Birthday Card – Photo Tutorial

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The Double Betty

I like to give my cards a nickname. This is because I like to teach concepts that can be customized rather than specifics that can only be created one way. Let’s learn how to make a birthday card with… The Double Betty.

Named for the double sided designer series paper we’ll use and the beauty of the finished product, The Double Betty is easy and fairly quick to make.

I’ve seen cards similar to this all over the internet, so I don’t know who specifically to credit. If you’ve made this card or a similar card, give me a shout out in the comments.

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how to make a birthday card, DIY, homemade, ideas

Step One – Cut Your Paper and Ribbon

how to make a birthday card- cuts


First and foremost, we need to cut our paper. Start by cutting your papers and ribbons to the size they need to be. You’ll need:

  • A piece of cardstock (for the base of your card) 5 x 8″
  • 1 piece of Designer Series Paper 3 7/8 x 4 7/8″ – Then cut that piece again at about the 3″ mark. (Now you have two pieces as shown above.)
  • One piece of Whisper White Cardstock 3 7/8 x 4 7/8″
  • A piece of Cardstock (same color as base) Cut with a scalloped edge Circle Framelit
  • 1 Piece of Whisper White Cardstock cut with a smaller flat edge circle framelit
  • One piece of ribbon 11 inches long
  • A piece of ribbon 14 inches long (we will snip some of it off, I like to start larger to get my bow right.

After you cut your DSP for the front of the card, you’ll end up flipping one piece of it over, so the cuts will look more like this:

how to make a birthday card- cuts 2

Note: If you choose to do a paper bow, you will cut your strip of paper to 1/2″ x 5″ (It will go across the front of the card.) Or, you could cut your strip to 1/2″ x 11″ and warp it around the inside as we will do with the ribbon. For the paper version, you’ll need the bow builder punch to make your paper bow.


Step 2- Score Your Card Base And Fold

how to make a birthday card - score your card

We’re ready to learn how to make a birthday card. It’s really difficult to see score marks in a photo, so I made you a diagram. Make your score mark at 4″.

Fold your card, and turn it to the “landscape” position. We’re going to open our card from the top.

Step 3 – Add Your DSP To The Front of Your Card

how to make a birthday card - front

This is where the Double Betty gets it’s name. We’re using both sides of the gorgeous double sided DSP. Of course you know we cut our DSP in two pieces in the previous step. Then, we turned over one of the pieces.

Its up to you where you want to cut your paper (you could do it in even halves or more like this one, which is cut at about 3″, so 3/4 of the paper is one side and 1/4 of the paper is the other side.

Next, attach the two contrasting pieces of DSP to the front of your card as shown. I use multi-purpose liquid glue for this step.

Step 4 – Add Your Whisper White to The Inside

how to make a birthday card - inside

Next, attach your piece of whisper white on the inside of the card where your written message will go. Again, I used multi-liquid glue for this step.

Step 5- Wrap Your Ribbon Around The Front

how to make a birthday card - ribbon 1

Now, we’re going to wrap our ribbon. To wrap your ribbon around the front, Start by adding fast fuse on one half of the card between the two pieces of DSP. Add the ribbon on top of the fast fuse.

how to make a birthday card - ribbon

Then, flip the card over, and try as best as you can to keep the fast fuse in line. It’s not going to be perfect. Make the line of fast fuse all the way across, then add your ribbon on top.

how to make a birthday card - ribbon 3

Finally, turn the card over again, and complete the line by adding more fuse, and the ribbon on top. I took paper snips and cut off the excess at the point where the ribbon meets.

Notice it’s not perfectly straight. That’s okay! No paper project is perfect. When we add the bow, it covers it up a bit.

Step 6- Tie Your Bow And Attach

Step 7 – Attach Your Accent Pieces Together

Next, we’ll tie and attach our bow. Above, you’ll find a super short video of me tying the bow, and the static image is where I’ve attached the bow. I always use glue dots to attach my bows.

Note that you can leave the card like this without the embellishment. I love this card plain on the front. I often make it and just put my message on the inside.

Step 7 – Attach Your Embellishment Pieces

how to make a birthday card - embellies

Use the multi-liquid glue to attach your embellishment pieces.

Step 8 – Stamp Your Message

how to make a birthday card - stamp your message

Stamp your message on the embellishment. Note that I didn’t use a “happy birthday” stamp here. You can use a stamp that has a relative meaning but doesn’t say the exact words. This for example says, “Have a happy day!”

Step 9 – Attach Your Embellishment

how to make a birthday card

I used the multi-liquid glue to attach my embellishment. You’ve now learned how to make a birthday card. You can of course use this format for any type of card.

 More Options

By now, I bet other options on how to make a birthday card with The Double Betty concept have already occurred to you. In case you’re still needing a few more ideas with this concept, here you go:

  • Try using twine instead of paper bows or ribbon.
  • If you don’t yet have a big shot and framelits, you can simply cut your sentiment pieces in a rectangle or square.
  • You could try cutting your paper into three or more pieces and doing alternating layers with them on the front of your card
  • Instead of placing your paper horizontally, you could try placing it vertically with the ribbon or bow straight down the middle of the front of your card.
  • Perhaps the front of your card is so pretty you don’t want to add a sentiment there. You could also leave it as is and add the sentiment inside.
  • You could use your big shot to cut a peek window on the front of your card, so that the message inside peeks through on the front when closed.

Now that you have some more ideas on how to make a birthday card with the Double Betty, I’d love to hear any suggestions you have. Of Course, if you have any questions you can comment or use the contact form.

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Supply List

To get your paper craft supplies for your own custom made birthday cards, shop at my Stampin Up demonstrator website. Note that I no longer recommend the fast fuse, as it’s notorious to break. I’d use the mini glue dots instead as noted in the chart below:

Items Used for the Photo Demonstration:

RETIRED – try our other stamps

Please note: The Fresh Florals Designer Series Paper has faded spots on every sheet. We have been assured that this is not a mistake. This is simply what’s “in” for the season. Some demonstrators have sent it back, but I still love it and the final results I have gotten with it.

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