DIY Gift Card Holder – Photo Tutorial

gift card holder, stampin up envelope punch board

Make Your Own Gift Holder

Today’s project can be used for all kinds of gift giving, but we’re calling it our DIY gift card holder. First, we’ll go over the supplies and cuts of paper you’ll need. Then, I’ll tell you step by step how to complete this project. This one is a breeze!

I got the idea for this project from Jan Brown. Jan is a wonderful papercrafter. She does a great job on Youtube if you’d like to look her up.

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gift card holder, stampin up envelope punch board

Cut Your Materials

DIY gift card holder pieces

  • Cut your DSP to 4″ x  9 3/4″ (1 piece)
  • Your whisper white should be  3″ x 3″ (2 pieces)
  • For your coordinating cardstock, also cut it to 3″ x 3″
  • Cut your ribbon to 16 “

Step 1 – Score & Crease Your DSP

DIY gift card holder score and crease

Take your 4″ x 9/34″ DSP, and score it at 3 1/4″, and 6 1/2″. If you don’t have a scoring tool, you can use a ruler and a click pen with the ball point clicked off.

Since scoring is difficult to see on photos, I added two faded gray lines to show approximately where my score marks are.

After you score your paper, you’ll always want to fold it according to the score lines, making sure it lines up properly. Then run your bone folder over the creases.

Step 2 – Turn – Score and Cut The Right Third

DIY gift card holder score and cut

Next, we’re going to flip our newly scored and creased paper over. The right third of the paper will need to be scored and cut from the top left corner of that third (where the score mark is) diagonally down to the bottom right corner. (Faded white line is added to show where the score and cut line will go.)

I do this step with my envelope punch. First, I line up my corners on the diagonal score groove of the envelope punch. I score it so I can see the cut line. Then, I take my paper snips and cut straight down the line.

If you don’t have the envelope punch, try a ruler and click pen with the ball point clicked off to score.

Now, our paper should look like this (from the inside).

DIY gift card holder inside cut

Step 3 – Fold and Adhere To Create A Pouch

DIY gift card holder fold the pouch

To make the pouch, you simply add fast fuse to the bottom of that newly cut right third of your paper, and fold over. Only add the adhesive to the bottom, as you’ll close your pouch if you add it anywhere else.

Step 4- Round Your Corners

DIY gift card holder round corners

After you’ve made your pouch, close the holder like a book. Next, you’ll want to round the corners. The only corner rounder punch I have is on my envelope punch board, so I simply used it.

Any corner rounder punch will do. When you’re finished, your DIY gift card holder will now look like this:

DIY gift card holder finished corners

Step 5- Add Your Ribbon

To get your ribbon on straight, it’s helpful to use the grid paper and the silicone craft sheet.  Here’s how I placed it:

DIY gift card holder ribbon

First, place your silicone craft sheet in the middle of the center line of your grid paper. There will be approximately 3 inches of the silicone craft sheet on either side.

Fold your ribbon in half and line up the folded end to the center line on top of the silicone craft sheet.

DIY gift card holder ribbon 2

Now, when you open your ribbon, it will be centered with the middle lining up to the center line.

Run your fast fuse over only the right half of the ribbon on the craft sheet. (Don’t add fast fuse past the craft sheet space). Then, place your DIY gift card holder (folded like a book) with the  left edge lining up to the center line on top of the adhered ribbon.

Make sure you place your card right where you want the ribbon to go.

DIY gift card holder ribbon 3

Next, take your fast fuse and run it across the top of the DIY gift card holder staying in line with the ribbon you just placed. (Don’t go past the paper.) Fold the left side of the ribbon over the front of your card holder, and press down.

DIY gift card holder ribbon 5

Once I have completed these steps, I like to take my paper snips and cut the very edges of my ribbon at an angle to discourage them from fraying.

Step 6 – Make your Sentiment

Now, you’ll need to make the sentiment. If you don’t have a big shot, you can simply cut squares in three different sizes, but these shapes cut from the thinlits look very clean and neat.

DIY gift card holder sentiment

Stamp your sentiment on one of the whisper white squares.

DIY gift card holder sentiment 2

Now, choose your framelits according to the stamp you’ve used. You’ll need one flat edged one that frames the sentiment, 1 scalloped edge one (slighly bigger) that frames that, and then a final flat edged one in the ( a little bigger than the scallped edge one).

When you get ready to frame out your sentiment, it’s helpful to use a post it note to ensure the framelit doesn’t move. Run it through the big shot, and it will look like this:

Then run your coordinating color through with the scalloped edge thinlit.

Next, you’ll run the largest one through with the final whisper white.

Finally, you’ll adhere the pieces as pictured above. I used the multi-purpose liquid glue.

Step 7- Add Your Sentiment to the DIY Gift Card Holder

Next, you can place your sentiment over your ribbon. I used the fast fuse to make sure it stuck. Pretty!

Step 8- Add Your Gift

DIY gift card holder complete DIY gift card holder complete with tea

As you can see, I’ve shown you a couple of examples here. It doesn’t have to be a gift card. You could do pouches of tea, coffee samples, cash, anything in a small pouch really would work.

Step 9 – Tie your DIY Gift Card Holder

DIY Gift Card Holder - Tutorial

Finally, you take the two ends of your ribbon, and tie a simple bow. (The same way you would tie your shoes. )

Done! This project is so easy but it makes such an amazingly beautiful gift wrapping. What do you think? Will you try this project at home?


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