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Welcome! Got Questions About My Craft Ideas?

Hello, and welcome to Laura’s Paper Craft Ideas. If you have a question, comment, or suggestion concerning anything on this site, you are welcome to use the form below. Please do not send spam. Spam emails will not get a response. Underneath the form, I’ve included some FAQ info that might answer your question.

Response Time

Please allow one to two business days for a response. Most times it will be way faster than that. For certain questions or concerns, I might have to consult Stampin Up to get an answer for you. In this case, I will email you first to let you know I’m searching for the answers you need.

Why Do I Have To Leave This Site To Order?

This blog highlights projects that I find or create, it’s not the online store. That is all handled through the Stampin Up Shopping site. You will notice my name, Laura Taff, at the top right corner of the Stampin Up storefront. That way you’ll know you’re shopping with me. All the packing, shipping, and tracking is done through Stampin Up.

Why Does The Site Say My Item is Not Available?

Stampin Up does everything they can to have the tools you want when you want them. Sometimes, there are issues with manufacturers or high demand. If an item is going to be back in stock soon, you’ll see the word “backorder”. You can still order it, Stampin Up will ship it at no extra charge when it becomes available.

If it reads “not available” it means they’ve hit a snag with manufacturing or high demand. They just don’t know for sure when it will be available, and they don’t want to tie your money up for that long. The best thing to do in this case is enter your email to be informed when the item is available to order.

You can also let me know if it’s something you’re really wanting the minute it comes in. Demonstrators get updates regularly on the status of products, so I could give you the inside scoop.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Yes. You will have three days to cancel your order if need be. There is a ton of helpful info on the Right To Cancel form by Stampin Up.

How Much Is Shipping?

Your shipping charges start at $6.95 and will increase to 10% of your order. Basically, everything over $70 is 10%. Any order under that is $6.95, even if it’s just one item. In that case, you might want to make sure you’re ordering enough to make the shipping worth it.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Order?

Typically, you can expect to receive your order about a week after you place it. It will take a day or two for Stampin Up to pack your box and get it shipped, then another few days for it to arrive at your location.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Stampin Up orders must be delivered in the same country they are ordered in. You can get Stampin Up in the UK and Canada for instance, but you need to order from a Demonstrator in those areas. If you live in one of these areas and need to find a demonstrator, let me know. I’ll direct you to the demonstrator locator to assist you.

How Can I Become A Stampin Up Demonstrator?

I have a whole page of info about joining Stampin Up as a demonstrator. Click here to learn how to join my team.

Guest Posts & Sponsored Posts

Guest posts are only considered if you are a Stampin Up Demonstrator. Unfortunately, this site does not write sponsored posts nor place sponsored ads. Due to a non-compete compliance, I cannot use your crafting products to make a project that features your craft ideas. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Some of the images used on this site come from the Stampin Up website, and are © Stampin Up. All other photos and all written content is © Laura’s Paper Craft Ideas.