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 Need Some Paper Craft Ideas?

 First and foremost, Hi, I’m Laura! Your new favorite “Stampin’ Up!” lady.  As an independent demonstrator, I’ve built this site to be a collection of all my best-loved paper craft ideas.

You’ll see that some of these are created by me, and others have been inspired by fellow demonstrators. This is because “Stampin’ Up!” encourages all of us to CASE. (That means copy and share everything!)

Why hoard all of your great artwork to be enjoyed by only a few? I think it’s better to get it out into the world and motivate others to start creating!

What does this mean for you? You may copy every project on this site! You can make it exactly, or you can use it as a starting point to come up with something slightly different.

On the other hand, perhaps you’ll come up with something completely different. The point is, it’ll get your wheels turning.

Actually, “CASE” does have one rule, but you’ll find it’s easy to follow. The most important thing to remember is…don’t claim someone else’s work as your own.

As you share your awesome pics on social media, mention the name of the person who originally created it.

You don’t have to link to them or share any other info about them, because that might draw away from your site or page. The name is all that’s needed so that you give credit where credit is due. Easy, right?

Also, if you are sharing the creator’s original photo and they have included their name on that photo, please don’t edit it out.

Tools of the Trade:

You will also notice posts highlighting the “Stampin’ Up!” tools and products.  All of the paper craft ideas on this site use them exclusively.

I write about them here because even though I love my demonstrator site, I feel like it doesn’t explain enough about the gadgets sometimes. For that reason, I’ll tell you more about what they do and how to use them in the projects we’ll make together.

Customers can make a purchase through my demonstrator site.  Of course, you will see my name, Laura Taff, on the top right corner of the page so you know that you are shopping with me.


One last thing to note, “Stampin’ Up” does not sponsor this site. That may sound strange, but all that really means is that this is my website as a contractor, not theirs.

If you have any kind of issue concerning this website, please contact me, not “Stampin’ Up!”. Thanks for visiting. Now, let’s get creating!