Christmas Card Ideas – Photo Tutorial

christmas card ideas, handmade, Stampin Up

Easy Christmas Card Ideas

Homemade greetings can be great DIY fun, but it helps to get some inspiration. Here’s some Christmas card ideas both featuring the Stitched Shapes Framelits Dies from Stampin Up. First up, I’ll walk you through a photo tutorial on how to make the snowman card (which was totally my idea). Then, I’ll show you a card I CASEd from Crafty Little Peach. CASE means “copy and share everything”, and that’s what we do. We share our ideas for others to use!

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christmas card ideas, handmade, Stampin Up



So Much Snow Card

Christmas Card Ideas - Snowman

I’m going to call this one the “So Much Snow” card. Isn’t he a cutie? You could do more with him if you wanted, like give him a hat or branch arms. He’s really simple. Here are the basic cuts of paper I started with:

christmas card ideas - paper cuts needed

  • 5″ x 8″ cardstock for the base of the card
  • Largest size Square Stitched Framelit in a coordinating color (I chose the lemon-lime twist)
  • 1 piece of 3 3/4″ X 4 3/4″ whisper white cardstock
  • The two smallest in the the collection of Circle stitched framelits ( I used dazzling diamonds glimmer paper, to make it look like shimmering snow.)
  • A small strip of paper in a coordinating color (I used red for the scarf)

Step 1 : Add The White Cardstock on the Inside

christmas card ideas - inside paper

The Whisper White cardstock goes inside for writing your message. For this card, we’re going to stamp our sentiment on the inside as well. We’ll get back to that step in a bit.

Step 2: Fold Your Card And Place your Square On The Front

christmas card ideas - add the square

I unfolded to show you the photo, but you might want to go ahead and crease your fold and then make sure you get your square placed in the center as well as possible. Then I used multi-purpose liquid glue to secure the square piece on front.

Step 3: Place The Top Snow Ball

Christmas Card Ideas place top snowball

The next step is to place the top snowball, so the smaller of the two, just overlapping the square. For this step, I also used the multi-purpose liquid glue. When you start to put things on top of the glimmer paper, you’ll need glue dots, as the multi-liquid glue won’t work.


Step 4: Place The Bottom Snow Ball

christmas card ideas - bottom snow ball

For the larger bottom snowball, I placed mine where it slightly overlapped the top snowball, and slightly overlapped the square on the bottom. Now you have the body of your snowman!

Step 5: Add the Scarf

christmas card ideas - scarf

Next, I placed my thin strip pf printed red paper to be a scarf between the two circle layers that make up the snow man. You have to get tiny dots of glue on the piece that touches the green square, as I mentioned the glue won’t stick to the glimmer paper. (If you’re also using the dazzling diamonds glimmer paper). You could also manipulate a mini glue dot to stick to it. I left the right side of the scarf kind of coming up off of the paper.

Step 6: Finish Your Snow Man

christmas card ideas - nosey posey

To finish up my snow man, I used a permanent marker to make the eyes. Then, I grabbed a scrap of orange paper left over from my Halloween treat Bags project and just cut out a triangle free hand with my scissors to make a sort of carrot. For the coal I used a berry die cut from another framelits pack, but you could also just use a paper hole punch. I attached the carrot nose and coal buttons with mini glue dots.

Step 8: Stamp Your Sentiment Inside

christmas card ideas - inside stamp

Since my little snow man guy is so cute, I decided to stamp my sentiment on the inside of the card. This still leaves room for a short personal message and signature. This stamp sentiment if from the “Christmas in the making” stamp set. I’ll link all the items I used at the end of the post for reference.

Step 9: Add More Snow!

christmas card ideas - add sequins

Before we finish up with the first of our Christmas Card ideas, lets add a touch more snow to our “So Much Snow!” card. I’ve heard that placing sequins is way easier with a fine tip glue pen. I don’t have one yet, so I did my best with the multi-purpose liquid glue and some tweezers. It did get a bit messy, though, so the fine tip glue pen is on my list to purchase next.  (You can tell particularly in our next card I had some trouble.)

Just try to randomly place some “snow” sequins around your snowman. These will take a bit to dry right, but they will eventually look great.  Done with card one!

Christmas Card Ideas Card Two – Christmas Coffee

christmas card ideas - christmas coffee


I’m going to call the second of our Christmas card ideas, “Christmas Coffee”.  Now, as mentioned above, I CASEd this card from “Crafty Little Peach”. Let me show you their version:

Super cute, right? When you CASE a card, you don’t have to copy it exactly. It can be a starting point to make your own version, as I have. On the whole, they still look so similar, but you can use the things you have on hand or order the things you want to use. If you’d like a step by step on this one, let me know! Since I did mine a bit different, I should be able to give you that tutorial. Otherwise, you can visit crafty little peach for more info on this card.


Ready To Make Your Own Christmas Cards?

If you like these Christmas card ideas, and you’d like your own Stampin Up tools and supplies to make them quickly and easily, check out my online store! Some products have retired, but you can always find something similar to use instead.

I used:

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