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Are You Considering Becoming A Stampin Up Demonstrator?

You can do what you love and get paid to do it! Or, you can opt to become a part of the “membership club” where you get exclusive discounts and savings. Either way, becoming a Stampin up Demonstrator will benefit you.

stampin up demonstrator

 What Is the “Membership Club”?

If you want to sign up so that you can get your favorite top quality paper crafting supplies at a discount every month, it’s like being in a membership club. In the US, you’ll need to be prepared to spend $300 every three months.

That’s because the minimum sales goal to stay an active demonstrator is $300 every three months. So whether you purchase it yourself or sell that much, it counts.

A little trick I use is to spend $150 two months out of the three month period. That way, I get more for my money by taking advantage of host gifts and reach my $300 every 3 month minimum sales goal.

That’s right! Even the items you purchase for yourself at the discount still qualifies you for free host gifts when you spend $150. This is a great way to stock your craft room.

Building A Business

Selling Stampin Up products can help you bring in extra income for your family. One of my favorite things about this company is the versatility of ways you can sell.

You may teach classes, hold workshops, show products at parties, complete online sales, and more. On the other hand, you can choose to specialize in just one of these areas.

Make money in whatever you do best! How many jobs offer that option? After you’ve joined, you will have instant access to online training classes through Stampin University.

Plus, when you go for it as a business, you can save on taxes at the end of the year.

How Much Money Can You Make?

When you begin as a consultant, you will earn 20% on your sales. (That’s why you get a 20% discount on the stuff you buy personally.)

When you’ve sold enough to  reach “bronze elite” status, the percentage you earn increases to 25%. As you grow, you can earn in other ways as well. There are volume rebates, bonuses, and flex points to earn towards free stuff and trips.

Essentially, this means the more you sell, the more you earn.

Some consultants make a full time income, while others earn “fun money” for their families. It’s up to you.

How Much Does It Cost?

It costs $99 to sign up, then as I mentioned before you’ll need to buy or sell $300 worth of products every three months to maintain your active status.

When you sign up, you’ll get to choose $125 worth of products for your $99. You may choose whatever you want. There are some great ideas listed on this information page.

Still interested? Great! If you have more questions you can contact me.  If you’re ready to get started without any further information, click here to become a Stampin Up Demonstrator today!